Friday, December 07, 2007

EI premiums for seniors?

Workers over 65 are getting more valuable as population ages and the Canadian worker shortage worsens. Consider this from VP of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business,

But there are also pension, tax and bureaucratic red-tape issues to deal with, to make it easier to retain older workers, Braun-Pollon said.

Citing an example, Braun-Pollon said it would be worth considering if it is necessary to subtract employment insurance premiums from the paycheques of older workers employed in post-retirement jobs.

The report, released by the CFIB, noted that one in seven Canadians is now over 65 years old and that the percentage of people aged 55 to 64 has increased.

For that matter, lower EI premiums for everybody! Modest reductions in the these premiums for the past two years do little to alleviate the $51 billion surplus that EI has accumulated.

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