Tuesday, December 11, 2007

$1 Million Flushed Away in Toronto

Talk about flushing away taxpayers' dollars or money down the drain...

The city of Toronto and its mayor proclaim to the high heavens that the city is well run, is very efficient, and there is no wasteful spending. Yet, something smells. The city council has decided to spend $935,000 on a rainwater toilet system for the Automotive Building at the CNE.

A Toronto Sun columnist writes that she can't understand how this will cost nearly a million dollars.

The cost of Toronto's crapper blows away one of the world's most expensive toilets built in Shanghai for $602,000 US as part of an art exhibit. It was designed to look like a cave.

However despite its efforts, Toronto can't claim the title of owner of the world's most expensive toilet. It doesn't come close to the cost of the space toilet project that reportedly rang in at $19 million.

Finally, the Toronto loo won't hold a flame compared to the cost of the Golden Palace biffy in Hong Kong. The palace reportedly cost $300 million Hong Kong dollars including a gold bathroom. This really is a golden throne!

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Lee Harding said...

And here I thought flushing taxpayer dollars down the toilet was only a metaphor!

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