Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Unions, laws, and Sask politics

The article 'No Right to Fine' by John Mortimer, published in the November 6 Financial Post, page 17, shows how the courts have ruled unions cannot fine members who cross picket lines or force people to join unions. The only exception is Saskatchewan, which has made laws enforcing these things, despite constitutional, international, and Supreme Court rulings. Mortimer says concerned voters should remember this tomorrow.

In other strange news, John Gormley's radio show led to a Star Phoenix article on "The New Saskatchewan Sign-Kicking Party," a facebook group that posted pictures of Saskatoon teens kicking down election signs. Led by the false claim that the Saskatchewan Party received three times the funding of other parties, they seemed to enjoy kicking those signs down the best. As it turns out, one of the teens "is the nephew of Jim Fodey, the NDP’s former caucus chief of staff, who resigned in April after giving 'incomplete' information about an alleged fraud that happened within the party 15 years ago."

The well-known Saskatchewan parody Saskabush has recently sounded off on the election campaign. The author's sense of humour and bias are both pronounced.

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