Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Potholes? No. Snow clearing? No. Celine? Yes.

The City of Halifax is spending $150,000 tax dollars to host a Celine Dion concert next summer.

If I lived in Halifax and knew my hard-earned tax dollars weren't going to fund core services, but rather to put on a concert of an artist I don't even like, I would be livid. Heck, even if I did like her music, I wouldn't expect my city council to use my money to get her to sing in my city.

What's next, bribing Conan O'Brien with a million taxpayer bucks to do his show from Halifax?

Whoops, Toronto already did that...


The Beast said...

They did that here in Regina with the Rolling Stones a couple of years ago and turned a profit for the city. It was good. Celine Dion? Well, she is one of the top selling female artists Canada has put out to the world so I'm willing to bet that a few people will like her and come out to see her show... And really in this case since she has sold millions and millions of albums she probably has enough fans to ensure that your little opinion does not matter. Besides, maybe they too will make a profit on the concert and be able to buy a second snow plow for your city then, you gonna complain then?

Scott Hennig said...

Yes, I will complain even louder. You are absolutely correct, "she has sold millions and millions of albums," and as such, her concert may very well turn a profit.

Then, why does the City of Halifax need to use taxpayers money to put on a concert that is going to make money? Shouldn't a capitalist-minded concert promoter want to put on the concert?

Why did the City of Regina need to use taxpayers money to hire the Rolling Stones? If they turned a profit, shouldn't some money-loving concert promoter want to do it instead?

City councils need to focus on providing fire, police, snow clearing, etc., not making profits by hosting concerts.

The Beast said...

So whats the difference between an event like this and a music festival that the city also supports? Isn't it more about the arts and culture being used for economic development? Here in Regina there are many such events that are supported by the city to promote and entertain quality arts. Is it wrong for the city to be involved is such practical causes that will support the arts?

Scott Hennig said...

You are correct, they are largely the same, and no, it's not the job of the city to promote the arts.

It's the job of the city to fill potholes, make sure water and sewer lines work, hire police officers and fire fighters and clear the streets of snow.

Not promote arts by paying artists to perform.

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