Monday, November 05, 2007

Horseraces and Blowouts in SK election: poll

The recent survey conducted by the Leader Post and Star Phoenix newspapers placed the Saskatchewan party with a commanding 54.2% of the vote, followed by the NDP's 33.7 and the Liberals' 8.1. However, the cities are much closer.

Saskatoon: SKP: 43.8 NDP: 39.4 LIB: 12.8
Regina: NDP: 45.7 SKP: 42.0 LIB: 6.1

Party leader NOT wanted as premier?
Calvert (NDP): 48, Wall (SKP) 30, Finley (Green) 13, Karwacki (LIB) 8.7

Bottom line? Saskatchewan citizens still need to vote.

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