Thursday, November 29, 2007

'Grey Cup Champions' isn't the only title for Regina

According to the Real Property Association of Canada, Regina is the most expensive city in which to do business. Business owners pay property taxes equivalent to 5 percent of their property value, whereas business owners in St. John's, NL, a similar-sized city, pay the country's lowest tax at less than 2%. REALpac executive director Michael Brooks says "From a commercial point of view, Regina is far away the most expensive place in Canada to do business."

Incredibly, the finance director for the city says the comparison isn't fair because...Regina only reassesses property every four years!

Meanwhile, as 400 health care patients are affected every day due to a university workers strike, the premier says he won't take it much longer and is prepared to step in if necessary. He said he would like to introduce essential services legislation that would prevent the interruption of such services through strikes.

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