Friday, November 23, 2007

Global Warnings - Receding Glaciers?

The receding glacier on Mt. Kilimanjaro is used by Al Gore and other global warming Malthusians to show what will happen if we don't "do something" about climate change.

The glacier on Mt. Kilimanjaro has been receding since about 1880 but not because of warming temperatures. It is receding because the climate is becoming drier. No amount of CO2 reduction will change that.

In a recent British court decision, the government expert confirmed that it is wrong to claim that glaciers are receding on Mt. Kilimanjaro because of climate change.

That same court decision found that teachers would be violating the Political Indoctrination section of the UK's Education Act if they showed Al Gore's film without explaining that it does not accurately represent the science of global warming.

Without a balanced debate on the issue of global warming, taxpayers will be footing a huge bill for programs that will bring little benefit.

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