Tuesday, November 20, 2007

CTF makes front page for Sask Severance

150 civil servants are leaving the Saskatchewan legislature along with their former NDP bosses--at a cost of $4.6 million. This total is more than the combined salaries of all of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who, ironically, share the front page of the Regina Leader-Post with the newly unemployed. The story was much the same in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix.


percyq said...

Big deal, that's less than SGI subsidizes farmers, just for being farmers, year after year after year.

leftdog said...

It is good to see that new Premier Wall is using some fiscal restraint (NOT!) in the wages of his new staff. From the Regina Leader Post:
"Iann Harry, who will make $12,500 a month, was one of a string of order-in-council appointments made by the new government at its first cabinet meeting last Thursday.

Much of the Opposition caucus staff has already been slated for new jobs within executive council. Among those appointments made official were Reg Downs as Wall's chief of staff at a salary of $13,693 a month, Terri Harris as deputy chief of staff at $10,900 per month, Ian Hanna as the premier's communications adviser at $9,600 per month, Kathy Young as executive director of communications at $9,900 per month, Terri Gudmundson as executive director of house business at $9,600 per month, James Saunders as senior policy adviser at $8,155 per month.

Joe Donlevy, who was chair of the Saskatchewan Party election campaign, was also named special adviser to Wall at a salary of $12,500 per month."

Here is the link ...
Regina Leader Post

Will we hear ANY criticism from the CTF on Wall's wage restraint for his staff?

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