Monday, November 19, 2007

Carbon Tax Grab

B.C.'s finance minister must really want to hit us with a new gasoline tax. The gov didn't get the permission it was looking for last month during the pre-budget consultation, so it is looking for a polling company to go out and ask, again, what sacrifices are BC'rs willing to make to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Why are governments so keen on carbon taxes? Because they are able to rake in huge tax gains with virtually no squealing from the already overtaxed taxpayers.

In the UK, governments collect far more in carbon taxes than climate change impact justifies. Green taxes fill the government's coffers by £10.2 ($20.5) billion more annually than necessary to meet the social cost of Britain's CO2 emissions. For example, Britain's 50p ($1) per litre Fuel Duty (gasoline tax) raises more than five times the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s estimate of the social cost of Britain’s entire annual output of CO2 emissions.

Let's face it, higher gasoline taxes equal higher transportation costs, which will be passed on to consumers for everything from food to clothing. It's time to say no to carbon taxes and yes to improving the outlook for the economy so we can adapt to whatever change may come our way in the future.


Dan said...

I'm not sure about Canada, but in the United States we are very likely to see a "price put on carbon" sometime in the next couple of years. It makes good sense, since it is the only way to stop society from using the atmosphere as a free dumping ground and the only way to avoid the cataclysmic effects of climate change (we can't avoid serious impacts because of carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere). So, which is better, a cap-and-trade program that provides huge windfalls to polluting fossil-fuel companies or, a revenue-neutral carbon tax? For more information, take a look at

Maureen Bader said...

Sorry, but a 6 degree increase in temperatures over the next 100 years is hardly cataclysmic.
Also, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

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