Sunday, October 21, 2007

Toronto Sun and Toronto Star Endorse New Toronto Taxes

One is not surprised that the Toronto Star endorses Toronto Mayor Miller's new tax proposals that will drain $360 million from the Toronto economy. However, it is surprising to see the Toronto Sun endorse these taxes.

The Sun argues that it is so late in the process to balance the upcoming budget that the money is necessary. I disagree. A failure to plan on their part should not constitute a crisis on our part.

With an $8 billion budget facing a $400 million deficit council should cut spending not increae taxes. A 5% cut in spending would not be easy or fun but would be doable. Some programs and some staff would face reductions. Yes, that would be the better choice than tax hikes.

In the meantime if the city chose to investigate alternate service delivery, outsourcing, contracting out, partnering with not-for-profits, activity based costing and so much more while asking the province for a Gas Tax Accountabilty Act and to upload social programs; then this problem would be solved.

Instead Toronto council will hammer the taxpayer making the city less affordable, more expensive, less attractive, and less competitive. So much for city building.

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Dharm said...

I don't live in Toronto but it's clear you are delusional. Firt, the union agreements the city has signed with union's prevents outsourcing of work if it results in job losses. Secondly, so much of Toronto's budget is mandatory so a 5% cut in the overall budget probably translates into a 25% or more cut in the discretionary budget. You probably know both these things but choose to ignore them because like most people you pick and choose the facts that reinforce your viewpoint.

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