Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Toronto Council: Save a Buck and Water Your Own Plants

Toronto Mayor David Miller stubbornly refuses to give up a single perk while he campaigns for two new taxes. He wants to impose a new car tax of $60 on top of the one already in place and a new house buying tax of up to 2% on top of the one already in place. These taxes will soak taxpayers for $360 million a year.

While he is reaching into taxpayers' pockets he and council refuse to give up a single perk. Council enjoys many taxpayer-funded benefits like free golf passes, free zoo passes, free transit passes, free coffee, free lunch, free newspapers, and free plant watering.

If Toronto wants to get its fiscal house in order it should start by having council brown bag their lunches, water their own plants, buy their own transit passes, pay for their own trips to the get the point.

When it comes to city finances leadersship by example would be the best place to start.

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