Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saskatchewan Election Auction

Christine Whitakker had a fantastic article featured in the Leader-Post called "Testing Credibility and Gullibility." Whitakker, a freelance journalist from Edgeley, Saskatchewan, concludes,

This is only the beginning, and the campaign is already sounding like an auction sale, with most votes going to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, those doing the bidding are using our cheque books.

Who knows how many more costly promises will have been made before we cast our ballots on Nov. 7.

It is time that politicians realized that our votes cannot be bought with our own money and that we do not need the government to provide for every contingency of life.

How refreshing it would be to hear party leaders declare that they would take less from us; that they would dismantle some of the expensive and unnecessary programs, and the bureaucracies who manage them; and that they would graciously allow us to keep our own money and to make some decisions for ourselves.

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