Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sask Liberals want provincial auditor for Aboriginals

Saskatchewan Liberal leader David Karwacki wants Indian-run casinos to be subject to a provincial auditor. A former CEO of the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority was fired in 2000 after a provincial auditor's report found $360,000 in unauthorized debit and credit card advances. But Lawrence Joseph, head of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, says the only auditor they want is the one THEY would appoint!

Karwacki told a news conference Wednesday morning a Liberal government would make Indian-run casinos smoke-free, subject Indian gaming revenue to scrutiny by a provincial auditor and reduce the number of VLTs.

The only way First Nations will agree to regular inspections of revenues is if the person is appointed by the FSIN, Joseph said.

"They (provincial government) have said 'No' to a First Nations auditor general. To now impose a provincial auditor when the government hasn't contributed a red cent to gaming is a slap in the face," he said. "This is an issue we will continue to fight."

There is a public demand for accountability to ensure the revenue is not being spent in places it shouldn't, Karwacki said. A former Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority CEO was fired in 2000 after a provincial auditor's report flagged $360,000 in unauthorized debit and credit card advances.

"Liberals would fight to make sure the public funds flowing to the First Nations Trust are scrutinized with the same rigour as other government partnership agreements," Karwacki told the media. "If we want to make sure the money is going into housing, education initiatives, and economic development, we need to do this."

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...Paternalistic Attitude of the Government again...

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