Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reservations about reservations

"The reserve system is Canada's worst moral failing," wrote Jonathan Kay in the National Post today. "Let's do the right thing and get rid of it." Read the full article here.


The Beast said...

Very much right wing and one sided in the viewpoint stated. Even doing a little bit of research shows that not every reserve is a horrible place to be.
And incidently that 8 billion dollar number being passed around, only half actually makes it to the reserves the rest is eaten up by the Dept. Ind. Aff. It also pales when compared to the 225 billion dollar budget passed by the canadian government. Obviously 3.5% of the budget is too much for a population base of at the most 3.4% of canada.

Adam Taylor said...

Any defence of the status quo with respect to our aboriginal policies is repulsive. On many reserves, there is poor housing, poor schools, poor health, care, and a third world standard of living;

The chiefs and council are driving 2011 Cherokees while their people suffer. DISGUSTING.

This is Canada's apartheid and we rightly deserve constant bashing from the UN because of it.

How much is enough Mr. the beast? Would another $5-billion do it?

Point me to one reserve that has comparable living standards to normal people? You are part of the problem why this is tolerated. The Indian Act is out-dated and has been around since before jews were even considered people...

Adam Taylor said...

*Further clarification.

Only half makes it to reservations?! WRONG!

That amount is more like $10-billion now. Toss in another $3-billion of provincial and municpal cash.

There isn't $4-billion in bureaucratic costs. That figures represents transfers directly to Indian bands - i.e. their chiefs and councils..

Ever wonder why it's the chiefs and leadershiop saying more $ will solve the problem!? They're the ones controlling it. SHAMEFUL.

Mark said...

the beast: yeah it's "right wing"... if by right wing you mean anything other than full-on communism. No private property? No home ownership? Gimme a break.

Of course the article is "one sided," it's an opinion piece.

Furthermore, it's disingenuous to claim that 3.5% is not too much for a population base of 3.4% of Canada because it's 3.5% EXTRA. In other words, the government is spending twice as much on Indians as on other Canadians, not a tenth of a percentage point more as you imply. Indians get all of the regular benefits too, i.e. health care, roads, emergency services, despite paying a far smaller fraction of taxes than everyone else.

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