Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Municipal Taxes in Saskatchewan?

A recent survey of the three main political parties, published by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, yielded few surprises, save one: Saskatchewan cities want to feed from the same trough as Toronto and get new taxation powers. Survey says...

Our NDP government had no plan in place to provide increased taxation powers to municipalities. However, the cities have requested access to additional revenue sources, and we have agreed to explore with them a range of options and assess their feasibility. This process could take several years before any decision is made.
No change is contemplated, and no change would occur without consultation with all sectors, including the business community.

A Saskatchewan Party government will reject proposals that would provide increased taxation powers to municipalities.

Read the Leader-Post article on the poll here. An excerpt:
One substantive issue on which the NDP and Saskatchewan Party diverge is on labour legislation, specifically the requirement for a secret ballot on a certification vote.

The NDP supports the existing Trade Union Act, which allows for certification of bargaining units by 50 per cent plus one of employees signing union cards. The Sask. Party calls for secret ballot votes for certification.

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