Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Honesty in Ontario Politics

John Tory has climbed down off his promise to fund faith-based schools by holding a free vote.

It is better to have a politician change his mind before the election than break a promise afterwards, I think. Still, it is hard to understand why in Ontario a promise to pay for the schooling of 53,000 students is driving the whole campaign.

Even though Dalton McGuinty broke so many promises and raised taxes, Ontario may still vote to forgive him it seems.

Voters run the risk of getting what they ask for: more of the same tax and spend policy that has put Ontario in last place for growth in Canada.

Voters beware!

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NB taxpayer said...

It really would have been nice to see more exchanges regarding fiscal policy.

Unfortunately, it has been a sleeper of an election for those who were looking for that kind of debate.

However, I still have faith that Ontarioans will vote in favour of MMP. That, to me, is consolation.

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