Monday, October 29, 2007

Duck hunters not murdering people?

According to Lorne Gunter duck hunters and farmers aren't apparently using their registerd long-guns to commit the majority of murders in Canada.

In fact, more murders last year in Canada were committed with knives (205) than with guns (190). Of those 190 gun murders, 108 were committed with handguns and 24 were committed with illegal sawed-off shot guns.

"A registry will never prevent crimes committed by illegal guns since, by
definition, illegal guns will never be registered. And, if registration
were capable of lowering gun crime, the first place we would see the
benefits is with handguns."
Good thing we spent a billion dollars setting up that long-gun registry.

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Lee Harding said...

Scott, the article was excellent, but this video was A GEM!

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