Friday, October 26, 2007

Be informed on the Saskatchewan election

Want to know more about the Saskatchewan election? Check out our front page of or check out the following articles:

In NDP Drug Plan a Misuse of Health Dollars, former NDP finance minister Janice MacKinnon blasts the NDP plan saying, "'If you're going to provide everybody, including rich people, with prescription drugs for $15, why would you do that?' she asked Monday. 'Why wouldn't you use that money for something that is going to be more beneficial in terms of the overall health of people?'"

This is the $64,000 question. And for the Sask Party, it's literally that, as they will pay for the drugs of anyone over 65 and under 15 that makes less than $64000. MacKinnon says the NDP plan will either break the bank or cause a tax increase, while the Saskatchewan party's plan is unnecessary.

"Wall's interest in politics 'disturbingly long'" finally answers the question, "Who is Brad Wall?" A similar profile on Liberal Leader David Karwacki appears here.

Benefit of property tax relief plans questioned tells us why all parties' school tax plans fall short.

Finally, Sask Wait Times the Country's Longest tells us why throwing more money into medicare isn't the answer. It adds, "the median wait time for elective surgery was about 27.2 weeks in [Saskatchewan], which is nearly double Ontario's median wait time of about 15 weeks from seeing a family doctor to receiving treatment."

You can see the NDP's platform here, the Sask Party's here, and the Liberals' here. You might also want to check out the Liberal critique of the Sask Party platform, that prices some of the 29 uncosted items, and re-estimates other apparently low-balled figures. The Liberals claim the Sask Party plan will put them into deficit budgets and that the NDP plan is even worse.

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