Thursday, September 27, 2007

Liberals Try to Get Fibber Arrested

Fibber, the CTF Honesty In Politics mascot must be getting under the skin of the Liberals and Dalton McGuinty. The OPP have refused to arrest and charge him with assault despite Liberal efforts to do so today.

At an Ontario election campaign event this morning where the Premier was speaking at a restaurant, Fibber was on the public sidewalk trying to be in the window to wave at the Premier when Liberals mobbed him, shoved him around and tried to block him from being in the window. As a result, Liberals tried to have Fibber charged.

Although, the Ontario Provnical Police are doing a masterful job of keeping Fibber far from McGuinty, they are sane enough to ignore such silliness.

For those concerned, Fibber's 16 inch nose survived intact.

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Dustin Leath said...

I LOVE FIBBER! Dont let those mean liberals man handel you!

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