Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toronto Council Jet Set During Fiscal Crisis

Freedom of Information documents obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation show that in the midst of a fiscal meltdown in Toronto, with a vote looming on the largest tax grab in Toronto history, in the face of a $500 million budget deficit, 16 city councilors, the mayor and five staff all flew to Calgary for a the Canadian Federation of Municipalities conference.

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The Deputy Mayor says the CTF doesn't get it. He can't balance the budget, but sends 21 people to a conference?! One councilor spent over $1200 on a flight. Right now you can fly to China and back on Air Canada for that kind of money.

How can they justify such a bonehead move with taxpayers' money?

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Sheldon Kotyk said...

You can fly on Air Canada but why would you want to?

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