Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Signing out...

I'm moving on. After this week I'm taking the family and moving to Edmonton where I've accepted a job with a utility company there.

We're sad to leave Saskatchewan but this opportunity was just too good to pass up.

It's been an exciting and rewarding five years with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation but all good things come to an end, so the cliche goes.

Thanks for all your emails over the years and thanks again for stopping by. Keep in touch!



Scott Hennig said...

Leave it to David to say "keep in touch" and then not tell anybody what company he's with or what his new e-mail address is...

The Beast said...

Well sorry to see you go I've enjoyed your viewpoints on things. God bless you in all you do guy. And do let us know any new blog you start!!
The Beast.

paeveryday said...

Thanks for everything Dave; you have left your mark, and are leaving SK better then when you came here!

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