Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Sick News From the T-Dot...

Read Terence Corcoran's piece in today's National Post.

Apparently, under the City of Toronto's Sick Leave Benefit Plan, city employees can take a maximum of 18 sick days a year. If they are un-used they can be banked, up to a maximum of 130.

This liability is on the books to the tune of $308-million.

Mr. Corcoran also reports that the city is subsidizing the film industry, is in the golf course business and is constantly meddling in the most trivial day-to-day matters at the Toronto Transit Commission.

Yet, when new taxes are deferred, services are the first thing on the chopping block.

Please Mayor Miller, keep the golf courses and ridiculous benefits packages - cut snow removal instead...Talk about a lack of priorities. That is what is really sick. Pass me the Buckley's...

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