Friday, August 03, 2007

Modest Surplus, Prime Minister??

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is downplaying the idea of delivering meaningful tax relief.

The PM said:

"Everybody likes big tax cuts. I would love a big tax cut. [But] obviously what we do ultimately depends on the fiscal room the government has. First and foremost, this government is committed to running responsible fiscal policy where we not only balance our budgets, but we continue to run modest surpluses."

Hmmm, what does the PM consider modest? The $13.2-billion surplus from two years ago? What about the $9.2-billion from last year? Or what about the fact that the government's own estimates pegged the total surplus for this year at $3.3-billion, yet in the first two months of the fiscal year alone it is already a whopping $3.5-billion!

This government has billions of dollars in fiscal room yet like the previous government, it continues to lowball the surplus and spend spend spend. At this rate, the Conservatives risk being outflanked by the Liberals when it comes to tax relief and that would be a shame.

4 comments: said...

In the picture it looks like he is showing us the size of possible tax cuts he has planned.

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Matt said...

Sad but true, the federal government spending continues almost without complaint from Canadians. Remember when it was only the Liberals that believed in taxing and spending?

Kirk West said...

Why is it that Conservatives never learn from history. They always shoot themselves in the foot after coming back from the political wilderness.

Traditionally, conservatives do well when they behave conservatively. What we have now is, well, not. And the popularity polls bear it out.

When will we learn?

Anonymous said...

Why would it be a shame if the Liberals propose tax cuts? I don't care which party delivers tax cuts as long as someone does. I thought you shared that view too. I guess you are just a partisan Tory using this platform to push that party.

HArper is an irresponsible fiscal manager. The income trust fiasco and flagrant spending amply make the point.

Paul Martin, as finance minister, deleivered the largest tax cuts in Canadian history.

Its funny how perception is. Martin is thought to be a spender and HArper is not. In fact the reality is the opposite for both men.

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