Monday, August 20, 2007

McGuinty's Cash for Cities: Buy Taxpayers Votes Not Mayors'

Ontario Premier McGuinty's spending spree continues unabated. Now he has leaked to his favourite paper - the Toronto Star - that he plans for the province of Ontario to pay for some social programs for which cities are currently footing the bill.

Of course, the province should pay for its programs. Property taxes should not pay for social programs when income taxes should.

The problem with this cynical announcement is that it comes after the Legislature has risen on the eve of a political campaign as just one more government-funded political announcement.

Cities across the province will breathe a collective sigh of relief with a promise of new cash. Sadly, as McGuinty so often does, he is phasing in the cash and it won't really arrive for a few years.

If he really wants to help cities he should call back the Leg and put in a new budget instead of campaigning with taxpayer dollars.

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