Friday, August 31, 2007

Justice Double Standard - Greenpeace Busted While Natives Go Free

Greenpeace protesters were intercepted and arrested yesteday on Lake Ontario. Great but it is time to end the preferential treatment to native protesters.

Let's get this straight, if you are with Greenpeace or a poverty group in Toronto and you protest peacefully and civilly you will be stopped and arrested. If you are a native band and you blockade Canada's busiest highway, take over a property development or block a uranium mine development, even armed with court orders, the police will leave you alone. Native protesters should not be above the law. (Sure Brant was arrested but only after the fact after he turned himself in and he was already out on bail and he was the only one.)

This double standard has got to stop. It is good that Greenpeace and poverty activists were stopped. So, too, should the native protesters. If they want to protest fine, they should be subject to the same laws as Greenpeace.

Plato and Henry David Thoreau are both famous for their civil disobedience. They both expected and were willing to suffer the consequences of their civil disobedience. Activists usually are. That is noble part of protest. It may involve sacrifice.

The government should play no favourites and should remove native protesters from their illegal activites when they occur just like with Greenpeace.


Native White Man said...

Simple solutions are the best. Cut off all direct AND indirect funding to any reservation anywhere. Our Native friends are big boys and girls, let them collect their own taxes, pave their own roads, staff their own hospitals. . you get the idea.

g said...

Better idea: Canada obey its own laws and
1) consult about development on traditional aboriginal lands, and
2) stop occupying their land illegally.

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