Thursday, August 02, 2007

Guess What Ontario? Taxes Matter

A Global Insight study shows Ontario may be in danger of losing its status as a "have" province.

The report cites the SARS and blackout events as contributing factors but there are other things Canada's largest province must consider:

Ontario needs to have competitive tax rates (corporate and personal) if it is to retain its fast eroding manufacturing base.

Ontario can also not allow itself to return to the days of being beholden to special interests. McGuinty has shown he'd rather fight with doctors than public sector unions or teachers. All well and good you might say but these groups care about one thing: protecting their jobs, un-necessarily high wages and fat pensions - to hell with everyone else. There's a reason they are called "special." There is almost zero concern for the common interest.

Perhaps it is time for Ontario to consider a single rate tax like Alberta. The McGuinty government does not seem to understand the recipe for economic growth and job creation: HINT: It is not higher taxes, increased spending and a bloated public sector.

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