Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Common Sense Blast from the Past

David Miller could learn a lot from Mel Lastman. After suffering a setback on his plan to ram new taxes down the throats of Toronto residents, Mayor Miller immediately played politic by cutting a variety of services.

We've said all along he should cut fat, perks and other non-essential spending long before it was necessary to cut services. But that would have meant a) Mayor Miller would have to admit there's fat to trim at city hall, and b) It would weaken his argument for why new taxes are necessary.

Former Mayor Lastman has a few ideas himself on ways to trim costs at city hall:

-Roll back city council's 9% pay raise

-Shelve the $40-million overhaul of Nathan Phillip's Square

-Scale back skyrocketing staff overtime

-Look at contracting out services such as garbage collection

-Cut back on city staff

And how would Mr. Lastman deal with unions who only look out for themselves?

"You try to work with them but sometimes it's impossible," he said.

Mayor Miller would rather fight with the province, the feds, and city ratepayers before he'd dare stand up to unions. That in a nutshell, is the City of Toronto's entire problem - ideological opposition to finding ways to save real money before asking citizens for more from their pockets.

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Steve said...

Mel has some great ideas. David Revenue-Tool Miller would be wise to listen to them. Unfortunately, Miller only knows one tune - Raise Taxes.

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