Tuesday, August 28, 2007

City of Ottawa Abandoning Low Tax Pledge?

During the municipal election, Mayor Larry O'Brien promised to freeze property taxes. He wants to but he can't bring his council around to the idea. Instead, they are proposing a 5% hike in property tax rates.

Local politicians must lead the fight against tax hikes. They should follow Winnipeg's example and establish a blue ribbon panel to investigate all possible avenues of outsourcing, alternate service delivery, disposition of non-essential assets, cost reductions, activity based costing, not-for-profit partnerhsips, and waste and perk reduction.

In the meantime they should ask the province to pay for its social programs to and create a Gas Tax Accountability Act putting fuel tax revenues into transit.

Once all this is done, then let's see how we stand. In Winnipeg it allowed them to lower not raise taxes.

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