Thursday, August 02, 2007

About $2.4 million too much...

Calgary Arts Development Agency released a report this last week complaining that the City of Calgary doesn't hand out as much taxpayer money to the arts as other cities.

The CBC story says:

Calgary put $2.4 million or $2.56 per capita into the arts in 2005, but thanks to a recent funding hike, the amount now sits at just over $3.

Still it's less per capita funding than four other Canadian cities.

Edmonton spent $3.88 per capita, Vancouver spent $4.01, Winnipeg spent $5.20, and Toronto spent $6.42 in 2005.

The numbers in the report are shocking, but will draw attention to the problem and ensure that the city contributes more in the future, said Karen Ball, director of community investment with the two-year-old agency.

Translation: Oh woe is me, I now have to go out and convince the art-loving public to voluntarily support me. For shame, for shame.

The City of Calgary should be applauded for being near the bottom of this list. However, it's still more than they should be spending.

Cities are supposed to provide the sexy, exciting things like: roads, police protection, and fire protection.

And no wonder the City of Toronto is claiming to be going broke, they're spending millions on the arts each year!!!

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Paul said...

"Toronto spent $6.42 in 2005"

I don't think using Toronto as a fiscal comparison would be considered prudent by anyone with more than two brain cells left.

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