Thursday, July 26, 2007

Time to Move Jim Flaherty?

Is Jim Flaherty about to be shuffled out of the finance portfolio?

Despite his clear competence, Jim Flaherty has not exactly been an asset to the federal government since becoming finance minister. A few of his mis-steps include:

Flip Flop on Income Trusts
Adopting Liberal spending habits
Failing to offer broad-based tax relief
Implementing gimmicky fiscal and tax policy
Being hyper-sensitive to any criticism

Shockingly, Jim Flaherty is the first finance minister in Canadian history to refuse to meet with the CTF to hear our pre-budget reccommendations. Why, you ask? It seems his office is highly thin-skinned when it comes to any criticism. Call them out on their Liberal spending: hyper-sensitivity...Remind them of promises made in opposition that they've failed to address: more defence...And the list goes on.

One thing's for sure... Either Jim Flaherty is a changed man or he has been handcuffed by the PMO, because this is a pale pink immitation of the Common Sense Revolutionary we once knew.

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