Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Alberta: Ministerial Expenses for May

As per last month's post, the Alberta government is now putting Ministerial Office Expenses on-line.

And in what is now a two-month tradition, here are the award winners:

May 2007

This month's "Gold Star" goes to Children's Services, and Minister Janice Tarchuk for having the lowest office expenditures in May 2007 of $1,854.72.

And this month's "Frowning Clown" goes to Finance, and Minister Dr. Lyle Oberg for having the highest office expenditures in May 2007 of $20,291.34.

Dr. Oberg also racked up the largest expense bill in April 2007, and is leading the fiscal 2007-08 class with total expenditures nearing $27k.

Ms. Tarchuk is also leading in fiscal 2007-08 for lowest expenses at slightly over $4k.

Interestingly, the office of Dave Hancock, Minister of Health and Wellness showed a negative expenditure of $490.72 for "Meals, accommodation, and travel" this month. This either means the Minister's office is moonlighting as a caterer, B&B or travel agent to make some money on the side, or it was a refund on a cancelled trip. I'm guessing the former...


Anonymous said...

These expenses don't show the limousine or government jet expenses. Other expenese are hidden in department budgets. Overall, the Alberta government continues to deceive us.

Scott Hennig said...

I would like to see a more complete accounting of what was purchased rather than just totals (as like the Feds), but it's a start.

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