Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Toronto votes in new garbage tax and wastes $20k debating withdrawing support for the troops

Trash the tax, don't tax our trash. This idea is simply a $55 million tax grab.
Meanwhile, city council is wasting $20,000 debating the withdrawal of support for our troops by asking city vehicles to remove the 'Support Our Troops' decals.

New slogan for the city: Toronto the Taxed

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Laurie79 said...

I agree with you 100 percent! Mayor Miller is a crook and a liar and he's ruining our city. In a year where they took a 30 percent pay raise and Miller got some fancy new office digs (to the tune of 4 million bucks) they have the nerve to levy a trash tax now! This hurts the working poor most of all. As usual.

Oh and has anyone thought of what to do with all the plastic garbage bins we use now? As angry as I've been about this issue I didn't even stop to think how much space 5,000,000 plastic gargbage cans are going to take up in a landfill... a smart man pointed that out to me today. I think Miller and council should take them all since they think it's such a great idea! They can split them among the fools who voted this in! Its perfect!

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