Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Toronto Considers Spending $10,000 to Evaluate New Sidewalk Tax Proposal

If you were hopeful that Toronto was finished with its efforts to impose new taxes, you were wrong. Today at the public works committee Councilor Vaughan will propose a new sidewalk tax in the entertainment district. He wants council to approve spending $10,000 in consultations about a new sidewalk tax.

He wants to tax bars and clubs that have line ups to get in. He argues it is an effort to calm foot traffic in the area.

To me this is just one more tax grab in Toronto on top of the new Miller car tax, the new Miller home buying tax, and the new Miller garbage tax.


Paul said...

I'm so glad I moved out of Toronto seven years ago.

Brodie said...

Hmm, this blog doesn't tell the whole story. What's happening here is that HUGELY successful theatres making thousands a night in profit are using public space (the sidewalk) to buffer their clients. This has made it inordinately difficult for pedestrians and residents of the area to get to and from their destinations during box office hours. Going as far as to obstruct access to public transit.

This motion is to approve a $10k consultancy as to the feasibility of a sidewalk tax for businesses that use that much public space to make money that regularly. We're talking about big productions here like Wicked, Phantom etc. Why shouldn't theatres like that pay up if they use public space to make money? We're not talking about taxing pedestrians. We're talking about taxing businesses using pedestrian space.

Jeff Cosford said...

I had no idea that business in TO. paid no municiple tax brodie how do they maintain streets and sidewalks now. TO. has to tailor taxes to each business on a individual basis.

I shudder to think that a business in TO. is making a profit.How vile we must immediately notify the Liberals and NDP after all business making profit in Canada in our cities. Next they will begin to think we are like the Americans. The horror.

Mystery Meat said...

Brodie, businesses do not pay taxes, they collect taxes. If a business is assessed a sidewalk tax, ticket prices or other fees to customers will increase to pay the tax. All income the business gets comes from its customers. What next, a tax for commuters caught in rush hour traffic? They are inconvenienced (and cause inconvenience to others) by being stuck in traffic jams.

The Phantom said...

I see it now. If it moves, tax it. If it doesn't move, tax it until it does!

All part of the NDP master plan to reduce crowding in Toronto by driving away jobs and business. Just make it too expensive for anyone to live or even work there, and pretty soon you'll be able to drive your Ferrari on the 401 without fouling your spark plugs in a traffic jam.

We will know the plan has succeeded when the Toronto Stock Exchange re-locates to downtown Hamilton.

Brilliant thinking from the "friends of the little guy". Way to go Mayor Dave! The Granite Club salutes you!

The Phantom

PGP said...

Looks like Toronto continues to breed a special kind of stupid!

nfotxn said...

Oh god you are a bunch of dweeby fiscally conservative ideologues. If you make tons of money using a sidewalk then your ticket prices should reflect that. Heaven forbid a business make less profit when they are sourcing their space for their customers onto a public space. If you were using a Home Depot parking lot to make money I'm sure many would agree it'd be acceptable for them to charge you a fee. But public space should be fair game for business? No. It's fair game for the public. Businesses are not people.

If you think that additional taxation for inconveniencing people around a successful business somehow unfairly penalizes a business that makes you fantastically stupid.

To illustrate my point suppose I live next door to you and run a fabulously successful hot dog stand. Let's keep issues of zoning out of the picture for argument's sake. I use your sidewalk for my customers. Tons of them! You and our neighbours go to council and suggest I pay a greater sum of taxes to improve sidewalks in our neighbourhood. You get nicer, wider sidewalks and I continue to run my fabulously successful hot dog stand.

Or you could continue to all pay the same lower taxes and you can deal with thousands of hungry hot dog seekers every warm summer evening. Because business is good and taxing is bad! Or you're just ignorant to the details of the problem.

How many of you even live anywhere near downtown Toronto? Because I'd love to hash this out over a drink at a bustling downtown bar. That is provided we can get off the street car given how unreasonably crowded many areas of town are.

But that's all because of the Miller/Liberal/NDP taxation conspiracy! That's why the city is having a giant building boom and is full of new development and money!


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