Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Saskatchewan two-fer

Number 1:
Fire breaks out in a Yorkton house. Two city workers in a water truck notice the smoke and drive over to take a closer look. Fire chief is on the scene but firefighters haven't arrived yet. Chief asks city workers to use the water in the truck to knock down fire and they go ahead and do a really good job of it -- saving thousands of dollars in damage. Firefighter's union files grievance -- says this violates "contracting out" clauses in collective agreement. Union later sobers up and drops grievance.

Reminds me of the duck mountain flower scandal.

Number 2:
Local farmer doesn't want to see rural school closed because his children will be separated and bussed to different schools in different directions. Offers $75,000 to pay a teacher's salary and benefits. School board turns him down.

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Saskboy said...

Didn't you know? The government has to do everything or it's wrong.

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