Thursday, June 28, 2007

Not the worst idea ever... but not the best either

The City of Edmonton is poised to purchase/rent a few of these Kros Urinals (left) [hattip-Bourque] to put out on Whyte Ave during weekend nights to keep drunks from urinating on the street.

The pilot program is going to cost $20,000.

Now I agree if you have to choose between having people peeing on the street or peeing in one of these weird contraptions, probably best to have them available, but is that the only option?

Last I checked public urination is illegal. And it should be especially illegal when it happens on a sidewalk that I have to walk on.

So, why not just have the cops arrest these people and put them in jail?

Even the most inebriated person should pick up that there's a police officer standing right next to them and perhaps they shouldn't urinate on that building. Especially if they just saw their buddy hauled off in 'cuffs for doing the same thing.

Call me old fashioned, but isn't this trend towards harm reduction just enabling people to break the law?

Read the whole story here.


David MacLean said...

I love how they are designated as men's toilets. I can't fathom any woman I know taking a crack at one of those.

The Phantom said...

Come on you guys! Arresting drunks is racist! Its discrimination against guys who can't hold their beer.

As an aside, I can't remember the last time I saw a drunk chick peeing on the sidewalk. Chicks can really hold it, eh? ~:D

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