Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jacques Bensimon - living large in Cannes

You remember this guy, right? He's Jacques Bensimon, the former chairman of the National Film Board of Canada.

Mr. Bensimon came into the CTF radar back in January, after spending $102,286.26 last year on taxpayer-funded travel.

Read the evolution here.

The most recent post pointed out Mr. Bensimon's penchant for racking up the hospitality expenses with a September 2006 dinner with the GG her husband and Jacques' wife where they drank a $75 bottle of wine and finished their "working dinner" at 11:30PM on a Friday night.

Since then, we filed a few more Access to Information requests for Mr. Bensimon's travel and hospitality receipts.

The first is a trip Mr. Bensimon took to Cannes last year costing taxpayers $8,653.32. 78% of that bill was for "accommodations," so we wanted to find out where he stays while in Cannes.

Here's what we got back: http://www.taxpayer.com/pdf/BensimonCannes2006.pdf

For starters, Mr. Bensimon rented an apartment for 12 nights at a cost of $6,459.28 or $538.27 per night!

The apartment he rented is located here. And for $538.27 per night, it's not surprising that it is right on the coast overlooking the Mediterranean.

Interestingly, it only cost taxpayers $3,430 to put him up for the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, and $775 in 2004 for the festival.

Either it has got a whole lot more expensive to go to Cannes since 2004, or Mr. Bensimon decided to live it up on the taxpayers’ dime this past year.

More on Bensimon later this week.

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