Thursday, June 28, 2007

For no reason at all....

I just randomly I stumbled up on this letter to the editor of the Regina Leader on April 9, 1896.

It really struck me that some of the same tensions that exist today, between Alberta and Saskatchewan (then Assiniboia) as well as between the new West and the East, were just as prominent back then.

Here's an excerpt:

If we are tired of this state of things (as who is not?); if we desire to gain the full management of our own affairs, as is our full and rightful status as citizens of this Dominion, one thing is certainly necessary. Laying aside narrower aims and aspirations, we must make such an unanimous application to become incorporated as a Province as the federal authorities can not choose but hear. The voice of our member is only one among 215; but the united demand of our 40,000 citizens, expressed in petitions, mass meetings and conventions, cannot help but be heard. We must take the first step ourselves as one people. And, as we shall only be asking that which on every principle of reason and justice is our own, only one result can follow. The pretensions of Ontario and Quebec to know what we want better than we do ourselves, will speedily collapse before a show of resolute unanimity on our part, and the present attitude will speedily change to one of welcome to the last new province of the Dominion -- youngest in point of date, but designed perhaps in course of time to become the greatest and most important of them all.” Against this Alberta movement (which is being pushed with characteristic western vim and energy,) we have to set the apparently apathetic position of Assinoboia. But this apathy is more apparent than real. There is a strong feeling of discontent, and it is none the less strong, because it has not yet found expression in action.

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