Thursday, June 07, 2007

Asking a task-force of three barbers if you need a haircut

This is fairly good news.

To get you up to speed: the Alberta government has created a three-member task force to decide whether taxpayers should take on an additional $2.1 billion in debt by taking over the teachers' portion of the teachers' pension unfunded liability.

The first two members were former teachers, one who happens to be a government MLA. The third and final member was offered to the Alberta Teachers' Association, who declined.

The Education Minister in Alberta suggested he may find a third teacher to appoint to this task-force.

But should any teachers (former or current) really be on a government task-force to decide whether taxpayers should take over a debt currently owned by teachers? Isn't that like asking a barber if you need a haircut?

The CTF argued we should have the third seat, but the government has obviously declined.

But at least they didn't add a third teacher...

Get more background on this issue here.

I'll be on CHQR's Calgary Today with Mike Blanchard today at 3:15PM to discuss.

Click here to listen live.

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