Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two Years of Fighting for Taxpayers

Our little blog has been alive and kicking for 2 years now. It has proven to be a mighty weapon in our arsenal in the battle for lower taxes, less waste, and accountable government.

From the blogosphere, we've reached tens of thousands of frustrated Canadians. People who are fed up with statist politicians, those who say one thing in opposition and another in government, and those who have little regard for how they spend other people's money.

Each day, Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast are tuning in to what the CTF is saying and doing. What are we saying about the Harper governement? What are we saying about Premier Stelmach in Alberta? What about McCuinty in Ontario? Each day, at this little blog and over at we are pushing our agenda as Canada's foremost taxpayer advocacy organization.

Thank you all for helping make Fighting for Taxpayers an effective tool in the battle against waste, high taxes and big government. You can be sure the best is yet to come!


DARCEY said...

Congrads - two years is an accomplishment in blog world

Yellow Blade said...

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