Thursday, May 03, 2007

Seriously, do they have nothing better to do?

I'm still confused about this whole Shane Doan thing. Have these MPs gone off the deep-end?

Do they really think people in Quebec are outraged at Doan or that if they stand up and make a big fuss about this they're going to get votes from people in Quebec?

Ralph Klein used to refer to this as "Dome Disease." Essentially it's a mental deficiency politicians get after sitting under the dome of the legislature/parliament for too long, thinking that their petty games are of any interest to regular Albertans/Canadians.

And when they absurdly waste their (and our) time (and money) on these silly issues, it's no wonder people have such a low opinion of politicians.

Here's a petition started by some Doan fans.

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Eric said...

All right everyone, time to sign the petition.

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