Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sask: How not to treat a whistle blower

I recall attending a fundraiser event for Linda Merk and being surprised at how there was no representation from the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour.

For those who are complacent about the need for effective whistle-blower laws -- let this be a lesson to you. And hope you will never be put in the same postion as Carla Douglas or Linda Merk.

From the Saskatchewan Party web site:

Memo from Carla Douglas to Caucus Administration Committee
Cover Letter
Part A - Review & Clarification of Key Points
Part A1 - Letter from Pat Lorje to Carla Douglas, September 6, 1994
Part B - Points of Concern
Part B1 - Recommendations & Comparison of Mintz & Wallace Audit vs. Douglas' Report
Part C1 - Ann Lord - Misappropriations
Part C2 - Mintz & Wallace Audit
Part C3 - Ann Lord confession letter to Jim Fodey & Glenn Hagel, August 23, 1992
Part D
- Jim Fodey - Travel Expenses


parkadeboy said...

I am looking forward to the lawsuit you are going to get slapped on you by having this illegally obtained material on your site, breaking ALL kinds of privacy laws. I bet your CTF legal department will have a fit when they see that you have this up here. THis is going to be fun to watch! The police have ordered this stuff to all come down so this is going to be fun!

David MacLean said...

Why don't you go ahead an file a complaint? You will note that I only published a small excerpt from the police report. All of the links in this post are perfectly legal.

parkadeboy said...

I am really looking forward to who gets arrested in the Saskatchewan Party Caucus Office for possession of stolen police records for a couple of years! Who is this Downs guy and why isn't he resigning for lying to the police and the press?

parkadeboy said...

I just did a bit of google search on the criminal code of Canada. There is something called 'possession of stolen property' and yup that is a crime for sure.

This is going to be fun to watch

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