Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Regina: Remember that financial crisis?

Things aren't so bad when the city administration is recommending a $1,000,000 skateboard park.

At the meeting today, the committee is to be presented with four options
for moving forward with the project. The first is to cancel the project and begin a redesign process that would see the skate park reduced in scope by 75 per cent.

The second option is to postpone the project and call for tenders again in January 2008.

The third option is to build the skate park over two years, by completing the construction portion this year and deferring the landscaping until 2008.

The fourth option, which is recommended by city hall administration in the report, is to proceed with the project in its entirety.

The funding shortfall would be recouped from deferred revenue in the park development charge account and from Community Share 2006 funding for the city.
Too bad they couldn defer some revenue from the "park development charge account" to fix my Beirut-style street.

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Chad Moats said...

That's Fiacco for you.

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