Thursday, May 10, 2007

More new taxes proposed in Toronto - hooker tax, coffe cup tax, etc.

In a mad rush in Toronto to use its new taxing powers (the first time ever in the history of Canada a municipality has direct taxing powerws) Toronto City Council is piling new taxes onto the original list:
The first ones planned were:
- liquor tax
- tobacco tax
- billbaord tax
- parking tax
- road tolls
- license registration tax
- land transfer tax
- enterainment tax (movies, raptors, jays, argos, opera, theatre, etc.)
The new ones added to the list later are:
- garbage tax
- sidewalk tax (for bars with lineups outside)
- legalize prostition and tax them
- coffe cup tax
- grocery bag tax, and
- styrofoam container tax



Eric said...

You really have to proof-read before you post. Otherwise, gads!!

Wayne said...

You forgot the eco tax!

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