Tuesday, May 01, 2007

29% raise and return of Gold-Plated Pensions in BC

Apparently an "independent" commission has recommended BC MLAs are in need of a 29% raise and their current RRSP-style pension needs to be replaced with the gold-plated pension plan scrapped years ago (thanks to the CTF).

British Columbia MLAs should get a nearly 29 per cent raise, an independent commission reviewing compensation for provincial politicians suggested today.

The three-member panel also recommended that Premier Gordon Campbell receive a 53 per cent increase, lifting his annual salary to $186,200 from the current $121,100.
The report also recommends that a defined benefits pension plan be reinstated for MLAs and that the current group RRSP program be scrapped. Disability and excess health benefit plans would also be enhanced and transitional assistance for MLAs who are defeated or don’t run again would be increased.
Here's what we recommended to the BC MLA Compensation Review.

This may just trump the City of Edmonton's greedy 21% pay hike for council from last summer.

If BC MLAs are anything like Edmonton city council, it'll be a done deal in 5 days.

CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT: Interesting how governments wait until their local hockey team is well into the NHL playoffs until they try to sneak these payraises through. Last year the City of Edmonton released their recommendations after game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals and passed it the day after game 7.

Had the Oilers won game 7, every reporter in town would have been covering the celebrations, but they didn't and this story had some legs. So if you saw your city councillor on the evening following game 7 of the finals last year and they looked upset, ask yourself why.

If BC's going ahead with this now, with the Canucks only in the second round, I guess the BC government must think the Canucks don't have another round in them.

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