Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Victor Doerksen's campaign disclosure documents now on Taxpayer.com

PC leadership hopeful, Victor Doerksen (left) was apparently the very first of the Alberta PC Party leadership candidates to disclose his campaign donations and expenses.

(They can now be found here)

According to the documents they were correct as of December 13, 2006, and according to Mr. Doerksen, the documents were left on his campaign website (now defunct) for one month following the disclosure.

I cannot confirm or refute this, as I did not check Mr. Doerksen's website during this time. I was only alerted to this in mid-February by a member of the media.

However, the apparent loss of this vital information, in large part, led to the letters we sent to the candidates (found at the bottom of this news release) offering free web-hosting on taxpayer.com of their campaign contribution disclosures to ensure they didn't evaporate into the web ether when they too took down their campaign websites.

Thankfully, the Alberta NDP opposition was able to obtain a copy of Mr. Doerksen's disclosure documents and have graciously provided them to us for our permanent posting on our PC Leadership Campaign disclosure website found on taxpayer.com. (Note: we have 6 of 8 candidates disclosure records here)

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