Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Political Pogey - Q1

Elections Canada just released the first quarter welfare payments to our beloved political parties.

You'll recall that every political party achieving 2% of the national vote or at least 5% of the vote in each riding it ran a candidate gets $1.75 $1.8725 per vote PER YEAR.

Of course, it's linked to an inflation calculator to increase the amount each year.

That worked out to a 7% bump this year, and if this trend continues it will be $2.00 next year (07-08), $2.14 (08-09) and $2.29 in (09-10).

CPP payments are also linked to an inflation calculator, however, this year they were bumped by 2.1%.

Strange that one inflation formula gives a 7% increase in payments for political parties, and another inflation formula only gives a 2.1% increase for seniors - real nice.

Anyway, here's how much they get this QUARTER:

So feel free to multiply it by 4 to find how many of our tax dollars they get this year or by 16 to roughly figure out how much they would get between each election.

It's no wonder the Conservatives can afford a 17,000 ft2 war room. Taxpayers are paying for it.

Think I'll spoil my ballot this next federal election if for nothing else but to save my $8-9 in taxes from going to any political party.

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Adam Taylor said...

Ya, this really is a sick little system.

Another legacy item from Jean Chretien...

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