Monday, April 02, 2007

Culture of Entitlement Alive and Well in Ottawa

Don't ever feel bad for a retiring or defeated MP. Your tax dollars will be looking after them for years to come thanks to Parliament's gold-plated pension plan.

At age 55 MP's cash in on what just may be the most generous pension plan going.

In fact, the plan is so rich - MPs themselves are embarased by it. It should be noted that while the formula for how pensions are calculated is made pubic, actual pension figures are hidden from taxpayers. None of our business I guess. The CTF bases its estimates on publicly available information.

Sure, the odd MP gripes about the number we release and sometimes scream for retractions but they never ever release the actual number.

So it goes in Ottawa - the capital city of the culture of entitlement. MP's keep their traps shut and take the money and run.

Freedom 55 baby!

Read more about this ferrari pension plan in Saturday's Citizen.


Robert McClelland said...

Federal government takes out radio, newspaper ads challenging Nfld premier

I'm sure you guys just missed this one. I know how much you all hate it when Saskatchewan spends money on advertising campaigns so I'm sure you'll want to tear Harper a new one for wasting our tax dollars on a pissing match.

Adam Taylor said...

Thanks Bob.

I'll submit the ATIP's tomorrow...

Nothing worse than taxpayer-funded pissing matches eh?!

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