Saturday, April 21, 2007

Al Gore tickets not a hot commodity

I just re-checked the availabilty of taxpayer-funded tickets to the Al Gore horror show on Monday in Regina.

Lo and behold I can still get primo tix in the 9th row on the blue line -- just two days before the show. In fact, I can buy the whole darn row -- 15 tickets side by side.

Maybe people have figured out they can rent the DVD for five bucks.

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Lord High Commissioner said...

Wow David!! Great seats for the event!! I'd go with you but I already watched it...on my Movie Central service provided to my thru SaskTel's Max service!!!

It looks like I'm actually doing the province a FAVOUR by watching an Inconvenient Truth on Movie Central....I am providing REVENUES to SaskTel instead of an EXPENSE to SaskTel like Al Gore is!!!

Looks like Gore is the big winner here; he gets revenues from me AND SaskTel!!! We are big suckers here in Saskatchewan!

If only Uncle Lorne would have known this was on Movie Central ; he could have saved SaskTel $210 000!!!

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