Friday, March 02, 2007 exclusive home of Mark Norris campaign dislcosure document

During the Alberta PC leadership race, Mark Norris was the only candidate to disclose a list of his contributors pre-election. The rest either disclosed post-election, are planning on disclosing post-election or have decided not to disclose at all.

Frankly, Norris didn't get as much credit as he was due for his transparency in releasing his donor list pre-election.

While this should be the rule for all elections, it turns out to be quite the exception.

Due to the lack of rules or laws regarding these contributions, there is nothing taxpayers can do if the campaigns decide now not to disclose at all. Obviously this is a giant gaping hole in public policy that the new government must now fix.

But in the mean time, and since Mark's campaign website is now down, is now the exclusive home to Mark's campaign contribution list.

This list was originally released in October 2006, and is now back on the web for the world to view.

Click here to check it out.

Or click here to see whose disclosure statement is up on our site.

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