Thursday, March 29, 2007

Danny Williams barking at the moon


But Mr. Williams' sweetheart deal with Ottawa is grandfathered. By any measure, this is not a province that is getting "shafted," to use the Premier's indecorous phrase. In fact, other Canadians, particularly Ontarians, might ask why they are subsidizing a province that has more ability to raise its own-source revenues than they do.

If Mr. Williams is not simply a mad dog -- and the evidence is, he is far more clever than the bellicose figure he cuts on television -- why is he foaming about a revamped equalization formula that probably won't apply to his province for the next 13 years?

It will come as no surprise to learn that Mr. Williams is facing an election this October. The Premier is already at 73% in the polls and seems intent on matching Saddam Hussein's record of 100% of the vote in 2002. Beating up on the provincial Liberals is seen as kicking sand in the face of a 98-pound weakling, so Mr. Williams has targeted an adversary who allows him to play the aggrieved party.


Steve said...

If only he would threaten to separate...

R.S. Porter said...

That's a really poor article.

NL-ExPatriate said...

That really is a poorly investigated article. Like most on this topic coming out of the Notional MSM.

It goes kinda like this option

A; 50% ALL RESOURCES excluded with a CAP

B; 100% non-renewable resources excluded with a CAP

C; Atlantic Accord 8-16 year repreieve on Claw backs from Oil and GAS only WITH A CAP

Nowhere in there is there is the option of 100% exclusion of all Non-Renewable resources without a CAP like Harper promised on 6 different occasions to three different premiers through two different elections.

Besides were not asking for anything that Alberta wasn't afforded back in the day. It's not like we are a foreign country taking money away from the federation we are a part of it aren't we ?

"Two other pieces of Alberta's experience are relevant. First, when equalization was introduced in the late 1950s, Alberta was not wealthy and received equalization. But the formula then did not allow the clawing back of natural resource revenues by the federal government. That, plus the province's rich resource endowment, gave it the leg up it needed to become self-supporting and, eventually, a huge net contributor to the cost of running Canada."

Harper said;
"Nova Scotia should be able to realize the benefits of the offshore to jump-start its economy just like my province, Alberta, was able to do with petroleum revenues," Harper said then. "If Alberta had been subject to these kinds of clawbacks, I tell you it would still be a have-not province today."

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